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ACT 4U's Services - Helping Unleash the Power of your ACT! system

  • IMPLEMENTATION - We install and configure ACT! at the client's premises and this ensures that ACT! performs reliably and consistantly.  All users share a common database and templates, and can recall all the history items recorded by them and their colleagues.

  • CUSTOMISATION - ACT! can be customised to suit your business needs.  ACT 4U will visit your offices and offer you a free consultation to understand your exact requirements. We will then put together a programme of recommendations and provide you with a quotation.

  • TRAINING - ACT 4U recognises that each client has different requirements and offer a wide range of training courses for both Users and Administrators alike.  These can be standard, basic, intermediate and advanced courses or a course designed specifically to your requirements.  With the correct training, ACT! enables you to track and monitor every detail of staff activities and customer contacts from initial prospecting to on-going customer contact, service and support. The system and management reports provide detailed analysis which can be tailored to your company's specific requirements.

Unleashing the power of ACT! in your company, with many years experience with ACT! we can save you time and money by:-

  1. Helping you define and achieve your objectives quickly and efficiently; 
  2. Demonstrating clearly what ACT! can accomplish with its powerful range of functions and features; 
  3. Assisting in the import of data from your current databases; 
  4. Structuring your database, according to your needs, right from the start; 
  5. Setting up remote synchronisation so that ACT! can be used by all your staff, wherever they are;
  6. Comprehensive training at all levels up to Advanced and Administration;
  7. Linking ACT! with Anything, Anywhere including the Sage Line 50 Accounting system;
  8. Providing On-Going Telephone, Remote and On-Site Support.

There are over 20 million ACT! users worldwide and we are sure your company will want to get the most out of their system as soon as possible.

For more details and to arrange a free consultancy to discuss your requirements

Contact David Shaw

Mobile: 07977 567 318  Direct: 01483 714 507  Office: 08443 571 222  E-Mail:

Last Updated ( Oct 28, 2016 at 10:54 AM )

We now offer bespoke/custom linking between your existing internal or web-based data and ACT! by Sage.

When viewing a Contact, with One Mouse Click, VIEW:

* Sales Orders
* Purchase Orders
* H.R. Data
* Accounting Information
* ANY Other Data