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ACT! Consultants Play a Pivitol Role in Maximising ROI (article)

Today, millions of individuals and tens of thousands of companies are using ACT! software solutions to organise contacts and leads, manage daily responsibilities, track sales opportunities, communicate more effectively, and gain insights into their businesses. With options for deployment in a Windows environment, in mobile computing, and in a Web-based interface, ACT! 2012 software is a critical tool for helping a wide variety of businesses succeed.

Yet those companies that achieve the best return on their investment make it a point to use ACT! consultants in their software implementation. That’s because ACT! certified consultants can perform a variety of services that ensure that the software’s effectiveness is maximised for your company’s specific needs.

In essence, ACT! consultants meet with you and your team to explore cost effective options to increase the performance of the ACT! 2012 software. This translates to less effort on the part of your employees while increasing productivity. They can help increase business performance by providing:

Specialised Training:
Although ACT! 2012 is superior software, staff training is a crucial component of any systems integration. ACT! consultants can determine which components are most useful to your company and conduct extensive staff trainings that will enable your employees to get the most out of ACT! 2012. The best ACT! consultants offer both on site and online training, and offer free follow-up phone support. They can also train your in-house trainers so that new employees can easily come up to speed and consistently and effectively use ACT! 2012 software.

System Administrator Training:
ACT! consultants can train your system administrator in best practices, and will focus on the most useful ACT! features for your company. When your system administrator is trained, you will have your own in-house expert.

On-Site Support:
If you don’t have an in-house IT department, ACT! certified consultants can save you time and money by maintaining your system for you. Service techs can both install and maintain the software on your system.

ACT! consultants can upgrade your ACT! software and customise your ACT! 2012 to ensure that it provides the highest functionality for your specific business. For example, ACT! consultants often have Sales and marketing backgounds to provide best-practice advice and can integrate your software with handheld devices and remote PCs, providing remote access to your databases.

Data Recovery:
Although no business ever dreams that they’ll need data recovery experts, if a worst-case scenario happens, ACT! certified consultants can work their magic, recover your data, and minimise your downtime.

There’s no doubt that ACT! 2012 provides more features and functionality than previous versions of the software. But in order to get the best return on your investment, it pays to turn to ACT! certified consultants to guide you through your purchase, integration, customisation, training, and - heaven forbid - data recovery. Experienced ACT! consultants have extensive software knowledge and understand the needs of various industries so that they can provide you with the computer system that performs.

The right solution is vital if your business is to successfully implement an efficient contact and customer management solution. Not all businesses have the same needs and the
New ACT! 2012 range has been developed to meet your business needs.


We develop ACT! Add-Ons to your CRM specific requirements.

If ACT! doesn't exactly do what you want it to do, we can develop Buttons for the toolbar to customize your ACT! experience so that it will work "Your Way".

Examples include:

Synchronising/Linking with your company website.

Recruitment system matching Clients' job requirements with suitable Candidates.

Recruitment system matching Candidates with suitable Clients' job requirements.

... more suggestions coming ... come back again to discover the latest ones or E-Mail us with your specific needs at .