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HandHeld Contact

Handheld Contact is the only service enabling two-way, wireless synchronisation between your Smartphone or Tablet device and your Act! CRM system.

Contact and Customer Management software. 

Track and manage complete prospect and customer information and more.

your productivity and mobilize your customer management with Handheld Contact — it’s like 

taking your office with you.

CLICK HERE for a free trial 

Act! e-Marketing Overview

Swiftpage, the number one integrated email marketing and Sales Automation solution for Act! introduces a marketing automation platform to its already robust service. Act! E-Marketing helps you deliver marketing messages directly from your Act! database to the right contacts at the right time and updates your contact records accordingly.

Act! e-Marketing Services Include:


You need to reach out to your customers, gain information from them and send them to the right place to receive the right information. Swiftpage offers an industry leading email marketing solution for ACT!, a survey tool to gather information and landing page creation tool to help manage the digital relationship you have with your customers.


You need the control to deliver the correct contacts to your sales team members. Your sales team needs to know that those contacts are qualified enough for them to make a call. Swiftpage gives you the tools to centralize control and give your sales team a look into who is most interested.


Swiftpage Drip Marketing is designed to put your sales and marketing initiatives on cruise control. Create marketing plans and add contacts directly from your ACT! database to receive the right content at the right time.

Swiftpage E

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- Kevin Ritch an ACT! Add-On Developer and 25 year software writer, is now part of our team.
Kevin has been developing ACT! Integration and Enhancement Software since the days of ACT! for Dos when he wrote in A/D/L (ACT! Development Language)

Since then, he has used every integration and enhancement method possible.

His skills and experience in bespoke software development for ACT! is legendary. He has built custom solutions in many spheres of business and has recently completed a $350,000 development for Greiner-Maltz Company of New York, Inc. (a Leading Industrial Real Estate Organization).

ACT! is now linked to a relational database managing thousands of properties for over 20 brokers who use ACT! and the Custom Software in every area of their business.